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Arwen Fonzen Commercial VO Reel

Arwen Fonzen Commercial VO Reel

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Making words come to life

Inspired by the radio dramas we would listen to on long road trips, my siblings and I would record stories we made up on my big sister's purple plastic cassette recorder.

Since those days, the equipment has changed, but my favorite part of the process remains the same: making words come to life.

Since 2012, I’ve delivered voiceover services to a wide range of clients. You might have heard me voice a sponsor ad while listening to the New York Times "The Daily" or while watching a Sleep Science mattress video at your local Costco. Whether it’s advertisements, podcasts or tutorials, I offer versatility, quick turnaround, and 100% commitment to making sure you get a voice delivery that will match your project perfectly.

Voice Description




Friendly (Clients often tell me they can "hear my smile"!)





Studio Details

Mic: Neumann TLM 102

DAW: Adobe Audition and Pro Tools

Source Connect

Light Production available


I’m known for a quick turnaround. So tell me when you need it, and I’ll have it to you on the double. I typically use Dropbox to send recording files, however, I'm also willing to use whatever means is most convenient for you.


I also sing and write music!  So if you're looking for an original jingle, a fabulous singer, or some background tunes, I can fill that need as well.  Have a listen to my work here. 

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