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NEW SINGLE Get Your Gold by Arwen & the Mega Reset

NEW SINGLE Get Your Gold by Arwen & the Mega Reset

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Indie pop rock with a soul glam retro twist

I started writing after my mom gave me her '79 Guild acoustic guitar to take to college. I discovered that writing music was a great way to decompress from the stress of college—and life in general. It’s a craft I’ve enjoyed honing through the years as a solo artist and in various bands.


I’ve had the privilege of working with songwriters on a variety of different projects. I’ve lent my lyrics and vocals to everything from hip hop albums to film scores. If you’re in need of some dynamic female vocals, consider hiring me for your next song.

For the last two years, the majority of my musical energy has been focused on the collaborative project  Arwen & the Mega Reset.  We like to call it indie pop rock with a soul of glam retro twist. We’ll be releasing the final volume of our EP series sometime this winter!

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