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My passion for the arts carried me into a profession I adore

When I was 5 years old, my sister introduced me to “Les Miserables.” I wasn't allowed to touch the CD, so I would beg her to play "Castle on a Cloud" for me. I stood enraptured in front of the stereo speakers, singing each note along with little Cosette and mimicking her British dialect.

In middle school, I borrowed a new musical CD from the library each week, playing each one over and over while I belted out song after song at the top of my lungs. Although the constant singing might have annoyed my family a little bit, my passion for the arts carried me into a profession I adore, where I can excel using my singing, speaking, vocal inflection and communications skills.

After years of community, school, and church performances, I earned my B.A. in musical theater at the University of Wisconsin. In addition to four years of acting, voice, and dance classes, my training included courses in directing, music theory, dance, makeup and costume design. The most valuable lesson I learned there, however, was how to be professional:  

  • being on time

  • coming prepared

  • willing to take direction


I've now worked in the professional field since 2011, and I strive to bring those qualities with me to every project I book.

(But don't take my word for it. See what my clients have to say!)


Production Director at Family Life Radio

Arwen is a special, pure, engaging talent who captures your attention and holds it. She’s young, full of life, with depth to her communication. As Production Director for a radio network, I have to balance the usage of all of our VO talent across the format – Arwen has risen to the top as a voice we always love, a person we never grow tired of hearing.

Senior Production Editor Family Life Radio

Arwen brings life to each script.  She doesn’t read a script. She delivers each thought as if her own.  My goal as a radio programmer and producer is to create content that connects emotionally, and Arwen makes that happen every time.

Maskil Productions

Arwen is an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s not only professional and talented, but she makes shoots fun. She’s highly adaptable and always ready to tackle whatever you throw at her. I always look forward to having her on set!

Executive Producer, The Distillery

Arwen has an amazing warmth to her voice! She takes direction beautifully and controls her voice with nuanced precision. Such a pro.

Big Fish Talent Agents

Arwen Fonzen is an incredible talent! Dependable, direct-able, and has incredibly strong instincts. We can always count on Arwen to bring her A-game to any audition or job!

Super Explainer Video

It was a pleasure working with Arwen. She went above and beyond to ensure that our voiceover was done exactly to our client's expectations. I would highly recommend working with her!

Strategic Media Inc

Arwen provides audio projects in a quick, professional and friendly manner every time we work with her! We are glad to have her on our talent roster.

Production Manager, Ti Productions

Arwen has worked as an actor for Ti Productions multitudes of times over the years. When we need a talented, reliable and consistently excellent actor, she is our first request. Our unique shooting style throws a lot of actors for a loop but Arwen has proven herself, time and time again, to be adaptable and quick-witted in exactly the way we need her to be. Her ad-libbing is always appropriate in tone and content, she requires next to nothing in the way of direction in order to nail her performances, and she is always a total delight to have on set.


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